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The Airis 8 Dab & Dip Wax Vaporizer is kicking things up by keeping it simple. On this device you'll find the charging port and a button. By clicking the button you can scan through 3 different voltage setting, then fire using that same button. This device is very portable and has unique features, so whether at home or on the go, this vaporizer is perfect to throw in your pocket.Features: Battery capacity: 400mAh 3 Different voltage settings to choose from 3.4V (Green) 3.7V (Blue) 4.2V (Red) Includes touch dip coil (electric oil straw) Easy to use/easy to clean Dependable device Dual quartz coil and mouthpiece - allowing for clean. rich taste Micro-USB for charging Dimensions: 11.8cm x 1.8cm What You Get: 1x Airis 8 Battery 1x Airis 8 Mouthpiece 1x C1 Touch Coil 1x C2 Dab Coil 1x USB Charging Cord 1x Dab Tool 3x Cleaning Brush 1x User Guide 1x Retail Gift Box Related Products: Replacement Airis 8 Coils