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The DAZZVAPE Acus Concentrate Vaporizer is a pen style, single button activated device with 350 mAh battery life. The 1400 mAh battery is built into the device and is charged with a proprietary charger. The Acus Concentrate Vaporizer utilizes two types of quartz coils. The quartz dab coil stores concentrate in a chamber with a knurled top cap. The quartz dip cap allows you to place the tip in direct contact with concentrate. The Acus has a threaded mouthpiece for each side; the top mouthpiece is for use of the dab coil and the bottom mouthpiece is for the the dip coil. The Acus has a fixed airflow system. The DAZZVAPE Acus Concentrate Vaporizer is simple ultra portable system that will suit users on the go. Please Note: This device is designed for Herbal Concentrate. This device is not intended to be used with any other media. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Single Button Activated 10 Second Pre-Heat Function Acus Quartz Coil Family Quartz Dip Coil 0.15 to 0.25g Capacity Quartz Dab Coil Threaded Mouthpieces Use Top Mouthpiece for Dab Coil Use Bottom Mouthpiece for Dip Coil Fixed Air Flow Built-in 350 mAh Battery Charged via Proprietary Charger 100 Day Limited Manufacturer Warranty PRODUCT INCLUDES One Acus Concentrate Pen One Vapor Tip Atomizer One Quartz Crystal Atomizer One Loading Tool One Cleaning Brush One Micro USB Cable One Instructional Manual