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Enjoy the luxuries of all-natural CBD self-care with Hemp & CBD’s Premium Handmade Soap ! We are proud to bring you a product handmade in Indiana with a luscious 300mg of CBD concentration. Our Premium Handmade Soaps are the result of a carefully crafted blend of CBD Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Shea Butter, and various natural oils to make your daily CBD experience easy, elegant and convenient.

Hemp & CBD’s Premium Handmade Soaps are more than just CBD. With pure CBD oil plus fortifying and cleansing natural oils in every serving, the soap is quickly absorbed by the skin to support a sense of refreshment, calm, focus and balance. It may also provide support for a healthy response to stresses induced from everyday activities and exercises.

All Hemp & CBD products are carefully examined and tested for potency, quality and purity by licensed Third-Party Laboratories.