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Enjoy Hemp & CBD Grape Beverage enhancer by adding one full dropper (1ML) to 4floz of your favorite beverage or straight from the dropper under your tongue! Grape Beverage Enhancer’s CBD is carefully crafted using a proprietary blend of water miscible Broad Spectrum Hemp extract, quillaja extract and Grape Flavoring to celebrate the authentic flavor of your favorite drink by enhancing it with a new sweet, dark fruit flavor of Grape.

Hemp & CBD Beverage Enhancer’s water miscible state is achieved by breaking down each particle of hemp extract into many nano-sized emulsions (read: very tiny droplets) using a technology called nanoemulsion. This process is manufactured for improving the delivery of our favorite active ingredient, CBD. Once our beverage enhancer is ingested by the user, it is then quickly absorbed in the body about 5-8 times better than other CBD delivery systems. This will definitely give a boost to your daily CBD experience, with less consumption required. It may also provide support for a healthy response to stresses induced from everyday activities and exercises.

All Hemp & CBD products are carefully examined and tested for potency,quality and purity by a licensed  Third-Party Laboratories.