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Article number: 210000023832
Quantity: 8
The Pioneer4You iPV V3-Mini E-Liquid Container is a plastic 3.5mL PTGC food-grade e-liquid container for the iPV V3-Mini Auto Squonking Pod System, featuring a see through construction to allow for the viewing of juice levels within the system, prompting refills to the marked MAX fill line. Featuring a silicone stopppered top, the iPV V3 Mini eLiquid container silicone lid has a pass through to allow for the squonking nozzle to fit and draw from the capacious reservoir. Comes in a pack of three (3). Pioneer4You IPV V3-Mini E-Liquid Container Features: 3.5mL Juice Capacity PCTG Plastic E-Liquid Container Construction Silicone Stoppered with Pass Through for Squonking Action Compatible with Pioneer4You iPV V3-Mini Auto Squonking Pod System Comes in a pack of three (3). Includes: 3 iPV V3-Mini E-Liquid Container