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Illuminati-With just a few puffs from Propaganda’s Illuminati nic salt, you’ll see why it runs the show. With a refreshing flavor profile packed with citrusy blood orange, tangy pineapple, and complex notes of strawberry, it’s sure to be a favorite in no time. This nic salt version of the Propaganda favorite is perfect for your daily vaping sessions or to help you kick cigarettes to the curb.

Blue Frost-Propaganda Salts Blue Frost (formerly Blue Slushee): An enticing reimagining of everyone's favorite frosty corner store specialty! Tart and refreshing, this classic beverage can now be enjoyed anywhere, at any time, and all without staining your lips blue!

Cookie Butter-New from Propaganda Salts, Cookie Butter. Take a fresh from the oven oatmeal cookie and promptly dunk it into a tall glass of ice cold milk.