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Select the Vaporfection viVape Vaporizer for all your vaping experiences. This spectacular vaporizer uses advanced technology to deliver total satisfaction to the user. This vaping unit has dual delivery systems which are the whip and the balloon bag systems. It uses forced air to fill the balloon bag in just a few seconds with flavor-fill, aromatic vapor. When operating, this vaporizer is extremely quiet allowing for discretion. Touch screen temperature control gives you the opportunity to easily choose the temperature and use time. In less than two minutes, this vaping unit will heat and begin to deliver rich, dense vapor.Features Touchscreen control system allows you to choose temperature and amount of use time Ceramic heating element will heat to desired temp in less than two minutes Heating chamber is constructed of medical grade glass enhancing the flavor of vapor Choose to use bag or wand delivery of vapor Automatically shuts off when there is no activity for thirty seconds Electrical components and heating element covered by one year warranty