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This vaporizer pen for Yocan is a game changer for sure, heating up in only 10 seconds! This vaporizer comes with 3 atomizers to help assist you in enjoying your legal smoking herbs in any form. The complete kit features some useful tools, such as replacement coils and cleaning utensils. This kit is perfect for making sure you are able to enjoy your legal smoking herbs however you want and is sure to become a new favorite! Handheld Made for concentrates, herbs, and oil 2 Second Heat Up Time Easy One Button Operation (5 Times to Lock and Unlock) 510/eGo Threaded Battery Built-in 650mAh Battery Battery Voltage: 4.2V (when fully charged) Battery Wattage: 15W (when fully charged) 10 Second Auto Shutoff 131.1mm x 14mm Includes Evolve-C atomizer for wax, Evolve-C atomizer and metal tube for oil, Evolve-D atomizer for dry herb, 2 quartz dual coil (QDC) atomizer heads for wax, 2 dual coil atomizer heads for dry herb Includes cleaning Brush, metal tool, and USB charger.